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Foal walking

I am keen to get my foals out for a longer walk this weekend, particularly as the weather has been appalling for the past week and the Costa Blanca has suffered an unusual period of continuous rain. The donkeys have … Continue reading

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Mothers and foals

The foals are now having a regular run with their mothers, just up to the top of the hill and back. Their hooves are still not developed enough to walk more than a kilometre on tarmac, according to the vet. … Continue reading

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You always need to be one-step ahead of the donkeys. They have watched the way the gate is opened often enough. When the padlock is off, it is just a simple latch that pushes up to open the gate. Matilde … Continue reading

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Scene but not herd

After a week of rain, the wettest time I can remember since coming to live here, the donkeys were caked in mud. Today I decided to give them a thorough grooming, helped by Alys who is staying at the moment. … Continue reading

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Donkeys at Cocentaina market

No, not my donkeys! Today I went to the famous regional agricultural market at Cocentaina which has been continuously going since the 14th century. It had a deliberately medieval flavour, with jousting knights and medieval style craft stalls. The centre … Continue reading

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