Two months old foals

I have not updated the blog for a while. The weather has been unusually wet and the donkeys have been a muddy and forlorn little crew for the past two weeks! Today, as it is a fiesta, I have been at home all day and have groomed the mothers and shampooed the foals to get all the mud out of their soft fluffy coats. They repaid the effort by running around in the sun and providing some great entertainment before supper time.

Aitana and Morris are two months old now. See how the mums still stick closely to the foals and shepherd them around. They are very demonstrative towards the foals, always guiding them around, biting their necks to steer them, and the foals are always leaping up at the mothers’ sides, sometimes putting their forelegs right over their backs. It is fun to watch but sometimes hazardous to get too close, as they change direction fast when they are in play mode!


About Gareth Thomas

After a mixed career as an aircraft technician, London fringe theatre playwright, Franciscan friar, and secondary school teacher, I find myself looking after the needs of four donkeys in a remote location in the mountains in the Costa Blanca. I like to listen to BBC Radio 4 and the wind in the pine trees. I am writing a comedy about a school in Benidorm. My favourite film of all time is "Jean de Florette". If I had my time again I would not have spent the early 1970s working for Special Branch.
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2 Responses to Two months old foals

  1. karin says:

    OMG they have really grown. They’re filling out so much. Some I realize is fluffy newly washed coats…but they really are getting big!

  2. Frere Rabit says:

    Yes, they are growing so fast, Karin. After the fluffy foals had dried out from their shampoo (soft baby shampoo of course), I tried to pick up Aitana one more time, but it was too late! She is too heavy to lift. So sad to realise that never again will I be strong enough to cradle this lovely animal in my arms. She has become her own person already. But the love and frequent handling has made her a responsive donkey. She picks up her hooves to order. She comes to me when called. She will be my Camino donkey, however long I have to wait for her to grow into the role.

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