Donkey walking


Thanks to Cait, Carl, Kirsten, Lauren and Pauline for their help with donkey walking yesterday evening. During the summer it was not possible to get all the donkeys out walking together as no help was available, with friends who help with this being away on holiday. Taking each donkey out individually was also problematic because of the heat in August: there is only a short period at the beginning and end of the day when the temperature is suitable to walk. Donkey walking will begin again on Saturday mornings at 10 o’clock, followed by drinks. Yesterday we had a barbecue after the walk.

The photos show Aitana, Matilde and Rubi walking on the usual local circuit. It was not possible to take Morris as he would not really be able to behave properly in the company of the females now! Once he has been gelded he can join them again.


About Gareth Thomas

After a mixed career as an aircraft technician, London fringe theatre playwright, Franciscan friar, and secondary school teacher, I find myself looking after the needs of four donkeys in a remote location in the mountains in the Costa Blanca. I like to listen to BBC Radio 4 and the wind in the pine trees. My favourite film of all time is "Jean de Florette" as it details the concerns of country people and quietly shows how evil enters our lives through mundane and petty matters. Now retired, I have lost the need to fight past battles and recognize that my various contributions to life - both ecclesiastical and secular - have been enjoyable, sometimes flawed, occasionally disastrous; but mostly times worth celebrating.
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2 Responses to Donkey walking

  1. toadspittle says:

    .Morris sounds rather like me, when I was his age. Oh, well.

  2. Frere Rabit says:

    The difference is that when you were Morris’s age you were barely crawling, Toad, but the eleven month old Morris is trying to jump on everyone and everything and shag them. The females, me, the wheelbarrow, the fig tree. The sooner he is gelded the better, but the vet won’t do it until the weather cools down after next month, and I’d rather wait for half term so I can be at home for the few days he is suffering from the great chop. He’s a lovely little chap and quite often licks my face, but, as a friend pointed out, this is probably foreplay and should not be encouraged as he may jump on me again.

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