Happy Christmas

Xmas donks 2012_042_

Same old Santa hats as last year but Morris and Aitana have grown into them! Happy Christmas to all our blog readers.

Xmas donks 2012_048_

Xmas donks 2012_016_

Addendum, Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve. After various weighty matters and confusions, I decided to take no chances and keep it simple. Today I walked halfway up the great mountain that features in my blog, with Aitana donkey carrying a light load of some carrots for her and a banana and a bottle of beer for me. We arrived at the turning around point, high up in the mountain.

I gave Aitana the carrots. I took out my bottle of beer and realised I had forgotten the bottle opener. I tried to prise off the top of the bottle on a rock. Seabed from the Tethys Ocean 440 million years old. The top would not come off. Never trust the Tethys Ocean seabed with your beer.

The sound of the fizzing bottle sent Aitana into a skittish panic and she raced off down the precarious mountain track with me in hot pursuit. It was very dangerous. I abandoned the still fizzing bottle after half a mile. Aitana finally came to a halt at the car park at the
base of the mountain in Finestrat. We walked home in silence and mistrust.

Why is nothing simple for rabits? Happy Christmas.

William Kurelek_El burro que lleva a Dios_Cards-WK006

Thanks to Luisa for the link to the above image, “The Donkey Who Carried Christ” by William Kurelek. Powerful stuff. http://exorbe.blogspot.mx/


About Gareth Thomas

After a mixed career as an aircraft technician, London fringe theatre playwright, Franciscan friar, and secondary school teacher, I find myself looking after the needs of four donkeys in a remote location in the mountains in the Costa Blanca. I like to listen to BBC Radio 4 and the wind in the pine trees. I am writing a comedy about a school in Benidorm. My favourite film of all time is "Jean de Florette". If I had my time again I would not have spent the early 1970s working for Special Branch.
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8 Responses to Happy Christmas

  1. Geert Bakker says:

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
    Wonderful pics!

  2. Frere Rabit says:

    Hello pilgrim Geert! Good to hear from you. Happy Christmas! How is the beach? Has the fire damaged building been repaired now?

  3. Geert Bakker says:

    Hi Gareth,
    Nice of you to ask. The answer is yes which I just published [foto’s] on http://www.caminodesantiago.me/board/miscellaneous-about-santiago/topic13466.html#p90762 so you are very welcome again!
    Happy days!

  4. Kathy says:

    Merry Christmas Bunny. Why aren’t you wearing a Santa hat as well?

  5. Frere Rabit says:

    Because if I wore a Santa hat it might startle the donkeys and send them a bit skittish. Happy Christmas, Kathy.

  6. Luisa says:

    Merry Christmas!
    Have a look at the image: “El burro que lleva a Dios”… wonderful!

  7. Frere Rabit says:

    Thank you, Luisa. That is going right on the blog, right now! Happy Christmas.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Lovely !!

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