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Shock report on climate change

The EPCC (Eeyore Panel on Climate Change) has released its latest shock findings about the way donkeys are entirely responsible for sea level rises, unpredictable weather patterns, drowned polar bears and deforestation.  The committee of four high-profile donkeys does not … Continue reading

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Morris needs his food battles

As Morris nears his second birthday next week, he has begun to assert himself very powerfully against Matilde and sometimes his own mum, Rubí. The battles always take place over food and Morris is becoming increasingly belligerent. He has always … Continue reading

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When a walk becomes yet another meal

Having raised the question of fat donks on the previous blog post, I was again reminded of the way the donks are becoming obsessed with food during this morning’s walk. After a long first week of the new term’s GCSE … Continue reading

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Are these donks overweight?

  I’m getting a bit concerned that my little puddings are getting a little too plump. Here’s Aitana with her head in the manger and demonstrating her protruding belly…   And rear-view of Rubí (left) with obvious bulging sides. (I … Continue reading

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Feeding the poor

Along with many other bloggers I am adding my voice to the support for Father Ray Blake. Morrisdonk is also providing his own comments in the Catholic Herald discussion of this matter. Morris urges you to add your own comment … Continue reading

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Lazy days of September

It is time to return to work after the long summer holiday and the long hot summer days lazing around with the donkeys are over. It is good to get back to work, re-engage with the world outside this small … Continue reading

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