At least donkeys don’t move goalposts

badgers moving goalposts

The blame for the failure of the badger cull in England has been laid at the door of the badgers themselves, according to the hapless Environment Minister who says, “The badgers have moved the goalposts.”
(See Daily Telegraph article.)

While the public marvels at the crass stupidity of this remark by Mr Patterson, it is nevertheless comforting to see that other people have similar difficulties trying to manage animal ball games.

The original donkey football article was published on this blog in July, together with other videos of more enthusiastic donkeys playing with their balls. Er… If you see what I mean….


Two follow up points. Apparently Morris kicks the ball around the field quite happily. he does this when I’m not around. I found out from a neighbour who has seen this. The little beast!

Here is how the badgers moved the goalposts. Thanks to those strange cyber monks at Husborne Crawley.


About Gareth Thomas

After a mixed career as an aircraft technician, London fringe theatre playwright, Franciscan friar, and secondary school teacher, I find myself dividing my time mostly between looking after the needs of four donkeys in a remote location in the mountains in the Costa Blanca and preparing a legal case against the corrupt management of my monstrous last employer - the Elians group - for unfair dismissal. I like to hear the wind in the pine trees. I do not like struggling to get a duvet into a duvet cover. My musical tastes are extinct and I have mostly given up cycle racing.
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3 Responses to At least donkeys don’t move goalposts

  1. Jim of Olym says:

    Here in the US we have horse balls that have a kind of handle on them.which the animals can pick up with their teeth. Our donks like to play with them, mostly when no one is around. The balls keep moving around the paddock. We tried to use a large exercise ball, about 3 feet in diameter, and Clementine was very unsure what to do with it, al though I kept kicking it in her direction. Trooper on the other hand just ignored it. I guess he is not into sports!

  2. Bryn Evans says:

    Looks like you have found the ideal donkey deterrent.
    Just place balls in the opening of “no-go” areas.

  3. Frere Rabit says:

    A few days ago one of my neighbours told me Morris has been seen kicking the ball when I am not around. Obviously the donks are having a laugh. They are pretending to despise the ball when I am observing them, but playing with it when I am at work. They have been rumbled.

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