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Jordi Pujol: my part in his downfall

The autonomous Catalan parliament heads for a constitutional confrontation with Madrid over its illegal referendum on November 9th, declared by its president Artur Mas yesterday. It was only the day before this, in the Catalan parliament, that Jordi Pujol – … Continue reading

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Reflections on a mad world

I came to “Elca Seriu” four years ago and began a life with donkeys. Some of you who remember – and there are many of you – know that I was in formation for the Catholic priesthood in Rome from … Continue reading

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Return of Brother Lapin’s donkey blog

Thanks to Scary Goat and Dilly for responding to my SOS emails to send in a comment explaining my silence. I have been locked out of my blog for two weeks. Since my phone handset was replaced following firework damage … Continue reading

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Honest blog stats

On a good day this donkey blog gets 2, 229 hits.  As a random example, here is August 11th 2014 when I posted something controversial about Israeli propaganda and donkeys.    Happily, the average is settling down at about three … Continue reading

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Blogging into oblivion

How much time do I waste online? There must be moments for all of us when we need to pause and consider our use of time online, and I have in the past sometimes concluded that my own keen commitment to … Continue reading

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