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The lovely Rubí donkey, and is it Tuesday?

Rubí was my first donkey. When I went to Parcent on the other side of the Sierra Bernia looking for donkeys, nearly four years ago, Rubí was the two year old donkey who stood out as the real charmer. I … Continue reading

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Lazy donkeys eating in October sunshine

After hearing unusual noises I went down to the field and Morris was doing circuits with a plastic bucket on the end of his nose. I could not get a video of that because he stopped immediately I arrived. Videoing … Continue reading

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The new toy (and other matters)

Happy birthday Alys! I hope you like your new toy!  (Now you need to download Whatsapp to get free international text messaging and I can send you the latest donkey photo as it happens!) The donkeys had their new toy a … Continue reading

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Save Ebola nurse’s dog Excalibur

  The nursing assistant Teresa Romero who contracted Ebola in Madrid was the first person infected outside of West Africa, after caring for a Spanish priest who died of Ebola last month. Authorities in Madrid have three people under quarantine, … Continue reading

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St Francis for beginners

Today we remember St Francis, a very solemn point in the year for all who regard this remarkable 13th century Umbrian saint as their helper in trying to conform to the person of Jesus Christ.  On this feast we remember the holy … Continue reading

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Happy birthday Aitana !

The day after Morris was born, some friends came to see him and Matilde upstaged the whole day by giving birth to Aitana while we watched. Never to be forgotten! What a magic day that was.  Below is Aitana, on her … Continue reading

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Happy birthday Morris !

I just read the blogpost from three years ago today, recording the birth of Morris.  Happy birthday Morris!  Tomorrow is the birthday of Aitana – born the day after Morris – and we will celebrate the two of them with carrots, champagne, fireworks … Continue reading

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