Save Ebola nurse’s dog Excalibur

Spanish authorities have said they will kill Excalibur

Spanish authorities have said they will kill Excalibur


The nursing assistant Teresa Romero who contracted Ebola in Madrid was the first person infected outside of West Africa, after caring for a Spanish priest who died of Ebola last month. Authorities in Madrid have three people under quarantine, and the family dog is due to be killed in case it has Ebola.

The dog has now become a cause célèbre with thousands of people signing an online petition. His story is now in Time magazine. It is the Spanish Health Minister Ana Mata who should be put down, not this dog. His name is Excalibur. Sign the petition here:

After Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and his government reneged on abortion law reform last month, now he wants to kill your pets…  Now this dog has more support than the ruling party.  If the Spanish government thought it was a clever idea to repatriate nationals with Ebola from Africa, they should have provided Ebola suits for all Spanish pets.

ebola donkey

185,000+ signatures now on petition to save Excalibur. See The Spain Report for up to date information about the dog (and other Spanish news)




Update Wednesday 9th October 5 pm

The police went in heavily, clubbing protesters outside the flat where the dog was. They took Excalibur away and killed her.  The next Spanish election could be lost by the Partido Popular over the incompetence in the Ebola crisis but also in the murder of a dog.  The petition reached 381,000 (yes, that’s 381,000 people not voting for the Partido Popular in elections next year, Mariano.)

The official statement says the dog was “sedated beforehand”.  It would have been good if it had been tested beforehand.  This incident shows the contempt with which incompetent authorities hold the public.

Ebola police


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2 Responses to Save Ebola nurse’s dog Excalibur

  1. gracem says:

    i signed the petition for excalibur………hope it helps!

  2. Frere Rabit says:

    Sorry to say it didn’t help, Grace. 300,000 + people all over the world signed the petition. The police went in at 2.30 today, clubbing protestors with their batons, took Excalibur away and killed her. She was twelve years old and her owners never had the chance to say goodbye to her. The bastards. The government will pay for this: the next election could all be lost over a dog.

    See the updated blogpost.

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