Almisserà environmental damage

It was reported in the Información de Alicante newspaper yesterday that the extensive remodelling of the landscape in the partido Almisserà – over which I have a view from where I live – is destroying the environment.  An environmental group, the Xoriguer collective, have been monitoring the project and have mounted a campaign to draw attention to the damage, particularly the effect on the hydrography of the area.  I am translating the article into English here for the benefit of local English speaking residents.

Landscaping the Almisserà golf course on the partida Alfarella (photo credit: Información )

Landscaping the Almisserà golf course on the partida Alfarella (photo credit: Información )

Información article by S. Illescas, Wednesday 29 April

Ecologists denounces environmental damage by developers at Almisserà

Xoriguer says this project has removed the natural drainage, public rights of way and ravines

The environmental group Xoriguer yesterday denounced the developers for committing alleged environmental irregularities in the construction of the future golf course of Almisserà. In particular, they referred to some developments are being carried out on land belonging to Finestrat. Jaume Vaello, spokesman for the group, told this newspaper yesterday that they have verbally reported the infringements to the Hydrographic Confederation of Júcar (CHJ) and today they would be making a submission in writing, as these attacks on the environment violate the Water Act…

Xoriguer also say the vegetation of this natural area has been violated and the developers have neither respected the terraces nor the footpaths of the zone. “This place has a substantial ecological value for being a typical landscape of Mediterranean agriculture, with terraces at different levels, stone walls, ditches, ponds and a wide variety of tree species, many examples centuries old. Some are older than our famous “oliva grossa”. The trees have been abandoned and left unwatered by the company despite the brutal drought we are suffering,” said the environmental group.

A spokesman from the Hydrographic Confederation of Júcar (CHJ) indicated that so far there was not enough evidence of these incidents for them to begin any investigation. “We are waiting for the environmental group we pass the written complaint and, from there, we will act accordingly. For now, we are making the necessary checks and have not detected any irregularity, ” they said.

For its part, the Town Planning officer of Finestrat, Juan Francisco Perez, said that the Council has not received any complaint from this group. “Our forest brigade has not reported anything unusual,” he said. “We find it curious that they should wait till now to denounce these things while we are in an election period,” he added.

This newspaper yesterday tried contact the developer, without success.


I will be paying close attention to this story and I will try to speak with the environmental group myself.


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2 Responses to Almisserà environmental damage

  1. Catherine Geldart says:

    A golf course is all you need in a drought prone area! Are they mad? Growing food is the priority! Good luck!

  2. orthodoxgirl99 says:

    I used to play golf and I enjoy the game…but for goodness sake! Are there not enough golf courses in Spain already and why destroy this sensitive area. It’s all about greed and money. Sickening.

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