Brother Lapin’s Pilgrimage

Brother Lapin’s Pilgrimage ceased operating at the domain name in July 2015.  Do not panic, faithful readers of the donkey blog: it continues on the new Equus Asinus blog:


Brother Lapin’s pilgrimage ran for five years. It began as a journey but has been, for a while now, about a settled life with donkeys.  The new blog which has the name “Equus Asinus” will reflect that and simply continue to celebrate the life with donkeys.  It will contain many old archived pages from here, so you can see old pics of the foals, videos etc, as available here.

Gareth Thomas

New Year 2014 Blog Awards

New Year 2014


About Gareth Thomas

After a mixed career as an aircraft technician, London fringe theatre playwright, Franciscan friar, and secondary school teacher, I find myself looking after the needs of four donkeys in a remote location in the mountains in the Costa Blanca. I like to listen to BBC Radio 4 and the wind in the pine trees. My favourite film of all time is "Jean de Florette" as it details the concerns of country people and quietly shows how evil enters our lives through mundane and petty matters. Now retired, I have lost the need to fight past battles and recognize that my various contributions to life - both ecclesiastical and secular - have been enjoyable, sometimes flawed, occasionally disastrous; but mostly times worth celebrating.
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8 Responses to Brother Lapin’s Pilgrimage

  1. orthodoxgirl99 says:

    Look forward to following more news and views from the two and four legged people on the up and coming blog site! Donkeys rule!

  2. Bryn Evans says:

    With the demise of the staffroom, your donkeys are one of the few interesting places left to visit.. Please keep me updated when you move to your new domain – Bryn.

  3. sixlittlerabbits says:

    Hopping with joy that I will still hear how you, my fellow rabbit, and my donkey friends Rubi and Morris et al are doing. Glad you will continue your charming, amusing, and interesting blog. Hoping to share some apples and carrots with the donks. Their antics have brightened my day when a laugh was the best medicine.

  4. Frere Rabit says:

    Thanks for comments everybody. Bryn, it’s great to hear from you: I had no idea you were still reading the blog. Only last week I was looking at the Staffroom and found my earliest remaining contribution on the Internet in 1999: (Although I was in the Staffroom as far back as 1998, if I remember correctly, when I was still teaching at Canterbury High.) What fun times we had, eh? Amazing it kept going so long, and it was mainly finished off by retirement from teaching of the key founder members. Keep reading the blog when its new form (“Equus Asinus”) is linked here. And comment more! It’s the only way I can know who is reading.

  5. Sandy Morris says:

    Looking forward to more tales from the Donkeys.

  6. Mary says:

    Came for the donkeys, stayed for the donkeys, hurray for all donkeys, all the time!!!

  7. JabbaPapa says:

    Just wondering if there will be any pilgrimmy bits from time to time in the future new blog, or will the focus on Aitana, Morris, Rubí and Matilde and your home life with them be more exclusive ? 🙂

  8. Thanks, Sandy, Mary, Jabba. The new blog will develop as it develops. Rubí is responsible for the future direction, so I’ll have to wait for her next thinking day on Tuesday.

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