Foal archive

Morris was born on 1st October 2011

Morris was born on 1st October 2011

I have created this page to collect together the best photos and videos of Morris and Aitana when they were foals, as this material is harder to locate on blog pages from two years ago.  The birth of the foals and their early weeks and moths provided some lovely videos and photos which recall a period which was great fun and sometimes pure magic.

October 2 2011
Morris’s first new day. The first morning after Morris was born, I took this footage. Little did I know that later in the day there would be a second foal.

October 2 2011
Aitana was born a few hours later. This footage was taken by Andrea who had come over with others to see Morris, and everyone had the surprise and treat of watching Aitana being born.

October 5 2011
A few days later there were signs of some competition between mothers, Matilde and Rubí, with some aggression creeping in. This jolly video doesn’t quite represent the tension of those days!

October 6 2011
Mother and foal chase, with Matilde and Aitana.

October 8 2011
Aitana’s first grooming. If there is one video that sums up the joy of this period for me, it is this one: six-day-old Aitana sitting on my lap having her first brushing. Cuddly as a kitten!

Aitana 1Aitana 8Aitana 11

October 9 2011
Full eclipse of the Morris… My attempt to get the same kind of video recording of Morris sitting on my lap was ruined when Rubí got in the way.

October 9 2011
Sunset donkey frolics. In this video the foals are a week old and now joining in the evening frolics that their mothers always habitually enjoyed in the last dying rays of the sun. The donkeys seem to come alive particularly at this moment of the day.

October 24 2011
Morris and Aitana, three week old foals, and their mothers Rubi and Matilde, in a wild evening’s mother and baby play. It is great fun to watch. The music is the last movement of the Rodrigo Concerto Andaluz.

September 30 2012
Morris donkey has now been gelded and is able to rejoin the females, just in time for his first birthday.


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